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05:00 22° C 0.30-0.40m S | 11:00 19° C 0.50-0.90m SSW | 17:00 20° C 0.50-0.80m S

Mingara Pool Challenge

Thanks to the team that represented us at the Mingara Pool Rescue Challenge last Friday night - Andrew, Angus, Ewan & Lochlan Stevenson, Jess Leivesley, Myf Ryall, Tash Marteene plus Tom & Therese Buckley and Craig Sheppard who filled the work party and Officials positions.

The Pool Rescue Challenge is a purely fun kick-start to the season and while we came about middle of the field in the final results, the team gave it a red hot crack and we scored a new nipper foamy for our efforts.

Thanks team!