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Tides - 3:38am - 0.53m | 10:14am - 1.87m | 5:01pm - 0.34m | 10:58pm - 1.27m |

Swell - 06:00 1.7m ESE, 7" | 12:00 1.6m E, 7" | 18:00 1.4m E, 7"

Under 8's

U/8 Nippers - Surf Aware 1

Preliminary Evaluation

Swim Distance: 25m (any stroke) Survival Float: 1 minute


Topic Learning Outcome
Introduction to Surf Life Saving
Lesson: Welcome to the family!
Develop an understanding of surf life saving in Australia
Identify the surf club as a welcoming place
Personal Safety
Lesson: Feeling safe at the beach
Identify what it means to feel safe
Identify people to talk to if feeling unsafe at the beach
Lesson: Our beach environment
Recognise the diverse human and marine communities that make up a beach ecosystem
Sun Safety
Lesson: Being Sunsmart
Understand and demonstrate the sunsmart guidelines
Understand what happens when they’re not sunsmart
Surf Conditions and Hazards
Lesson: Hazard Watch
Identify dangers at the beach
Surf Safety
Lesson: Stick your hand up
Recognise the signs that they are in trouble in the water
Demonstrate the signal for ‘assistance required’
First Aid
Lesson: It’s an emergency
Recognise what an emergency situation is
Describe when and how to dial ‘000’ if an emergency situation is identified
Signs and Signals
Lesson: It’s all red and yellow
Recognise the Red and Yellow flags
Understand what the Red and Yellow flags mean
Board: Paddling Technique
Lesson: Small board big fun
Attempt or perform catching a wave on a body board
Swimming: Entering the Surf
Lesson: I’m a dolphin
Attempt or perform wading
Attempt or perform dolphin-diving
Beach Sprint: Starts
Lesson: Ready. Set. Go!
Attempt or perform a standing beach sprint start
Flags: Starts and Turns
Lesson: Get off the ground
Attempt or perform beach flags starts