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Volunteer for a Junior Carnival

Carnivals run on volunteers!

Usually with upwards on 800 or 900 kids competing, it is essential for the smooth running of carnivals and the safety of competitors that every club meet their commitment in providing officials and water safety.

There are mandated ratios of officials and water safety based on the size of the team, and our provision of water safety is NOT related to whether we do beach or water events.

Officials Water Safety
Competitors Officials Competitors Water Safety
0-2 Nil   0-5 Nil
3-8 1   6-10 1
9-16 2   11-20 2
17-24 3   21-30 3
25-32 4   31-45 4
33-40 5   46-60 5

This is the responsibility of the parents of competitors.

Below is the form to register as an official or water safety for carnivals. Registrations will close 2 weeks before each carnival. The size of the team will be based on the number of officials/water safety who have registered and the people who have registered will choose the team, capped at that number.