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Under 13's

U/13 Rookies - Surf Smart 2

Preliminary Evaluation

Swim Distance: 150m (freestyle) Survival Float: 3 minutes


Topic Learning Outcome
Introduction to Surf Life Saving
Lesson: Welcome to the family!
Develop and understanding of surf life saving in Australia
Identify the surf club as a welcoming place
Personal Safety
Lesson: For a reason
Understand the basic principles of the SLSA Membership and Wellbeing Policy
Lesson: A changing planet
Understand Global Warming and Climate Change
Identify the impacts that Global Warming and Climate Change have on surf life saving
Physical Health & Wellbeing and Personal Safety
Lesson: Barriers to bugs
Identify how to minimise the risk of cross infection when delivering first aid and resuscitation
Surf Safety
Lesson: Count the tips
Identify and understand the 10 SLSA beach safety tips
The Human Body*
Lesson: Body works
Identify the role of the body’s circular system, skeletal system, respiratory system and nervous system.
Understand how the body’s major organ systems relate to First Aid scenarios
First Aid*
Lesson: Patched up
Identify the principles of DRSABCD
Recognise and manage basic patient management techniques
Lesson: Life is for living
Perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) techniques
Interpersonal Communication
Lesson: Make it known
Recognise the importance of communicating with beach users
Identify ways to communicate with beach users
Lesson: All in this together
Identify volunteer and professional emergency services in the local area
Board: Event
Lesson: Board race / Board rescue
Demonstrate board skills in a board race event
Demonstrate board rescue skills in a board rescue event
Swim: Event
Lesson: Surf Race / Run-Swim-Run
Demonstrate surf swimming skills in a surf race event
Demonstrate surf swimming and beach running skills in a run- swim-run event
Swim: Tube Rescue
Lesson: Rescue me
Attempt or perform swimming in surf with a rescue tube
Attempt or perform a tube rescue for a swimmer in distress
Beach Sprint: Event
Lesson: Beach Sprint / Beach Relay
Demonstrate beach sprinting skills in a beach sprint event
Demonstrate beach sprinting skills in a beach relay event
Beach Flags: Event
Lesson: Beach Flags
Demonstrate beach flags skills in a beach flags event
Multi Discipline: Event
Lesson: Ironperson / Cameron Relay
Demonstrate beach running, surf swimming and board skills in an Ironman/Ironwoman event
Demonstrate beach running or surf swimming or board skills in a cameron relay event

* A Basic Emergency Care Certificate is available for the combination of these topics if delivered by a qualified trainer and participant meets qualification assessment standards.

^ A Resuscitation Certificate is available for Resuscitation if delivered by a qualified trainer and participant meets qualification assessment standards.